Marjorie is a California native and grew up in San Jose and Campbell. She has also lived in Southern California, on the East Coast, and in Italy. Living near Rome gave her the opportunity to see many originals of the old masters, as well as the iconic architecture and basilicas of the past. She has returned to her roots in Northern California and currently lives in Roseville.

Her art education spanned over time and location. She has attended the Maryland Institute, College of Art in Baltimore, Maryland. She also attended the California College of the Arts in Oakland, California. Marjorie graduated with her Bachelors of Art in Art Studio from California State University at Sacramento, California where she studied painting and drawing with Evri Kwong and Ian Harvey.

Marjorie’s process typically starts by looking at the things that inspire her. She loves looking at gnarled, ancient Bristlecone Pine Trees, exotic orchids, and jellyfish, to name a few. She says that nature inspires her, and she’s constantly amazed by it. She is currently focused on creating drawings and paintings that show the synergy and connections of all living organisms. She uses different mediums; including graphite, ink, acrylic and oil paints on wood or canvas. 

“I didn’t set out to convey the connection and synergy of living organisms through my artwork. The ideas came to me through the process of drawing and painting. Putting pencil to paper or brush to canvas taps into my subconscious. Each new element leads to another, and the connections between them evolve – sometimes with surprising results! Each new piece I create has something new to teach me. I believe my artwork has a timely and simple message that we need to be reminded of. We are all connected to each other and to every living organism on this planet. Everything we do affects another life form. I would hope that the viewer sees this in my work and takes away an awareness and sensitivity to how they personally impact life on our planet.” – Marjorie Darrow



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