Surrealism Today

- Featured Artist - 

Grand Theater, Center for the Arts


"Gateway to the Subconscious presents a body of work inspired by the totality of living organisms.  Forms from nature are intertwined with plant and animal species to create a surreal interplay of dance and geometry. The results of Marjorie’s unusual alchemy are striking and mysterious animated spaces teeming with life."

Chico News and Review


"Upon entering the gallery for Chico Art Center’s beautifully staged National All Media Juried Exhibition, one is treated to the dual vision of Roseville-based painter Marjorie Darrow: “Free Form Blue” and “Red, White, and Blue.” The surreal oil paintings convey a sense of tranquil adventure, resonating with echoes of Yves Tanguy’s enigmatic biomorphic shapes and Dali’s quantum mechanics period, and generating an impression of whimsy."

Sacramento Bee


"Roseville artist Marjorie Darrow paints surrealistic biomorphic exaltations. Exquisitely nuanced motifs of imagined flora float in indeterminate grounds. The work’s singular delicacy and visionary lyrical power is undercut by its unfortunate framing. Nevertheless, Darrow is an emerging artist to watch."

California State University Sacramento


"Darrow’s inspiration came from a chair an artist built from a large cedar root. “I wanted to convey the parts I liked about it,” Darrow says. The painting represents the movement of the large root as well as the cradling of the smaller parts, she says."

"After graduation, Darrow would like to continue to paint and show her works and is considering pursuing a master’s degree."